Health Service Co-Design


This website is hosted by Auckland District Health Board().

The content on this website originates from the Health Service Co-design toolkit. Suggested citation: Boyd H, McKernon S, Old A, 2010. Health Service Co-design: working with patients to improve healthcare services. Auckland: Waitemata District Health Board. ISBN 978-0-473-17835-2.



The authors would like to acknowledge and thank all of the people who have contributed their time and expertise to this work.

Special mention must be made of the willing contribution made by members of Waitemata District Health Board staff, and particularly to the many patients who made time to participate, unpaid, and who shared their stories and experiences so willingly. Without your support and openness this toolkit would not have been possible. Thank you.

Thanks to the Genesis Oncology Trust, the A.D. Bronlund Trust and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement who provided funding for Hilary Boyd to attend an overseas conference as part of the research for this project.

This toolkit was funded by the Ministry of Health.

The tools in this guide were developed and refined through healthcare improvement projects in cancer services at Waitemata District Health Board. While the case studies are drawn from our Waitemata work, these methods are widely used, for example in England, Australia and Canada. They have been adapted for use in hospital care, community care and primary care.